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About us

AlterCap specialises in getting companies of all sizes started with cryptocurrency. A new kind of financial services platform, we craft personalised solutions that bridge the gap between traditional business and decentralised finance.

Our team of financial professionals excels at providing personalised service to corporate clients. With our help, your company's blockchain transformation can be fast, easy, secure, and compliant. Streamlined, business-friendly, crypto fintech has arrived.

Explore your crypto options with an expert partner at your side

We specialise in transforming companies through the seamless introduction of digital assets into existing business processes.
Market analysis
Get brought up-to-date on the latest opportunities in blockchain.
Streamlined setup
Accelerated onboarding to ALTERXE, our EU-licensed cryptocurrency broker
Concierge service
Receive on demand personal assistance from our team of private banking specialists
Secure custody and Insurance
Keep your digital assets safe with multi-signature wallets, secure governance structures, and insurance up to €1,000,000
Regulatory compliance
Our team handles all compliance for you, saving your company time, money, and stress
Accounting solutions
Include your digital assets on your balance sheet; pay taxes and stay ahead

The AlterCap Team
Your company's bridge to crypto

Our team of specialists combines decades of experience in private banking with industry-leading blockchain fintech expertise. As a result, AlterCap is the only platform in the DeFi space that provides truly individualised service to business clients.
Alexander Savy
CEO | Founder | Crypto expert
Founder and CEO of AlterCap, Alexander has been leading companies in private banking and blockchain for more than a decade. Formerly was the founder and CEO of crypto-lending platform Bitsugar. An early adopter of cryptocurrency himself, Alexander's mission is to give companies control over their money.
Denis Kalyapin
Director | Fintech Management Specialist
Denis has spent more than a decade working closely with high growth companies and SMEs. Having held business development roles at some of the most influential Fintech companies in the UK and internationally, he is an expert in delivering unique, tailored solutions to clients.
Ruslan Tarasov
Business Development | Project Management
Ruslan is an expert in all things related to crypto business operations, compliance, and management. He has served in various roles in the finance and Fintech industries over the last ten years and is particularly skilled in investor relations and in creating unique regulatory solutions.

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