Cryptocurrency can be your competitive advantage

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Now is your company's chance to gain an edge over the competition. AlterCap is here to help you discover the fantastic opportunities offered by digital finance and crypto

Make your business borderless

Cryptocurrencies and DeFi provide your business with an alternative to traditional financial services. Cross-border payments are only part of the story as more and more companies are taking advantage of blockchain technology to raise funds, get financing, and access new markets.

Your next step in digital transformation

The internet of money is the next step in the digital transformation of business. Cryptocurrency provides a transparent and secure payment infrastructure for the rapidly growing economy of automation and connected technologies.

the innovators

Mass adoption is already in sight as major corporations like Tesla, Square, MicroStrategy, and Paypal have begun to hold and accept cryptocurrencies. If you want to stay competitive for the decade to come, crypto is not something that your company can go without.

Transform your business with DeFi

We are currently observing the early adoption phase of decentralised finance - a new use case for blockchain technology that enables companies to bypass third parties. This will lead to a safer, more transparent, financial industry.

At AlterCap, we are highly specialised in helping businesses make the most of their crypto. We will empower you to take control of your money and succeed.
Blockchain-issued digital assets are rapidly gaining traction as a secure, transparent means by which ownership can be recorded. These tokens can be easily and compliantly transferred across the world and are poised to disrupt the traditional financial system.

Our team includes specialists in tokenization who are prepared to provide the information your team needs to stay ahead.


Learn more about DeFi and token issuance.

Discover the next generation of financial instruments.

Join a growing ecosystem of decentralised businesses.

Crypto loans

Explore passive income options for your crypto portfolio.

Receive guidance from industry-leading experts.

Full compliance and accounting support.
An exciting use case available to holders of cryptocurrencies is lending. In an era of ultra-low interest rates, the issuance of crypto loans allows companies to generate much higher passive income than could ever be earned with traditional financial instruments.

Our team can explain these opportunities to you and assist in all compliance matters.

New financial opportunities with DeFi

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Crypto FinTech consulting

AlterCap provides the consulting services you need to make alternative assets a part of your business.
Account Setup:
Expedited onboarding to our EU-licensed cryptocurrency exchange.

Market Analysis:
We'll bring you up-to-date on the latest opportunities in blockchain.

Establish a system of secure custody for your company's digital assets.

Accounting and compliance:
Update your balance sheets and ensure full tax compliance.

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