Cryptocurrency Services for Professional Investors

Professional investors such as Family Offices, HNWI, and Funds are increasingly building exposure to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. AlterCap takes a personalised approach to helping these kinds of clients to diversify their portfolios through the purchase and custody of coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as investment in a range of regulated and direct exposure products.
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Why Choose AlterCap?

Institutional-Grade Insured Custody:
The highest degree of security for digital assets. Multi-layer security protocols and insurance coverage.
Digital Asset Management
Get ahead of the curve with solutions that provide quantifiable portfolio value.
Risk-Adjusted Investment Products
Our investment products are designed to help clients mitigate the risks traditionally associated with crypto.

Investment Products

Bitcoin Parity Fund
Bitcoin Beta exposure that aims to establish an optimal level of return based on the risk-tolerance levels of clients. Volatility is matched to equity markets, capturing an upside of 20% and a downside of only 15%. Annualised returns: 19.62%
Bitcoin and Ethereum Trust
Pure exposure to two of the most popular digital assets in a regulated unit trust. This is a true hedge in a world where fiat currency is being devalued. Tracks the price performance of BTC and ETH through a traditional investment vehicle.
Structured Products
We are able to design and deploy structured products that meet your individual needs. During this process, we focus on factors such as volatility, directionality, and the client's risk tolerance.
Staking on Polkadot
The world's first fully-insured staking product. Stake your tokens in order to participate in PoS as a validator. Receive per-year rewards of up to 10.5%.
DeFi Index
Decentralised finance is the next frontier of disruption in capital markets. This first-of-its-kind index is a collection of the most promising aspects in the DeFi space, providing exposure to thematic growth.
Collateralized Lending
Valuable liquidity for institutional investors and large holders of cryptocurrency. Borrow USD using digital assets as collateral. Annualised returns: 5-7%

Enterprise-Grade Cryptocurrency Custody and Insurance

Insurance Coverage

As a last line of defence, all assets are covered by robust insurance, underwritten by Lloyd's of London.
Key Management

We make cryptocurrency easy for family offices and high-net-worth individuals through an extremely user-friendly UX.
Vault Storage

Store keys behind hardware security modules (FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and above) in offline vaults. Keys are split across three continents for added security.

Our Partners

In order to provide the best and most secure solutions to our clients, we have partnered with a number of best-in-class digital asset management firms. These companies are located in a range of crypto-progressive jurisdictions, including Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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