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At AlterCap, we craft personalised solutions that bridge the gap between traditional business and decentralised finance.

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Portfolio consultation:
Explore Bitcoin and other alternative assets with our team of crypto-fintech specialists.
DeFi strategy:
Create a plan and ensure that your company stays ahead.
Blockchain business services: Discover new ways to streamline business processes and eliminate administrative tasks.
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Diversify your corporate portfolio

Private banking meets crypto

Our services cover all aspects of portfolio building. We take an individualised approach to each client and strive to ensure the process is safe, compliant, and efficient.
Explore your crypto options with our team of consultants.

Create a diversification strategy that fits the specific needs
of your business.

Streamlined due diligence and ultra-fast onboarding to ALTERXE.

Secure custody with multi-signature wallets and
sophisticated governance structures.

Protection insurance up to €1,000,000.

Accounting and tax preparation support
Major companies worldwide already include cryptocurrencies on their balance sheets. Bitcoin, with its exponential price increases each year, is frequently lauded as "the best investment of the last decade." Your company shouldn't be left out.

AlterCap provides the industry's only concierge service for portfolio diversification through digital assets. Our consultation services have helped dozens of companies to build well-balanced alternative investment portfolios.

New financial opportunities with DeFi

We are currently observing the early adoption phase of decentralised finance - a new use case for blockchain technology that enables companies to bypass third parties. This will lead to a safer, more transparent, financial industry.

At AlterCap, we are highly specialised in helping businesses make the most of their crypto. We will empower you to take control of your money and succeed.
Blockchain-issued digital assets are rapidly gaining traction as a secure, transparent means by which ownership can be recorded. These tokens can be easily and compliantly transferred across the world and are poised to disrupt the traditional financial system.

Our team includes specialists in tokenization who are prepared to provide the information your team needs to stay ahead.


Learn more about DeFi and token issuance.

Discover the next generation of financial instruments.

Join a growing ecosystem of decentralised businesses.

Crypto loans

Explore passive income options for your crypto portfolio.

Receive guidance from industry-leading experts.

Full compliance and accounting support.
An exciting use case available to holders of cryptocurrencies is lending. In an era of ultra-low interest rates, the issuance of crypto loans allows companies to generate much higher passive income than could ever be earned with traditional financial instruments.

Our team can explain these opportunities to you and assist in all compliance matters.

Cryptocurrency Services for Family Offices

Family offices and high-net-worth individuals are increasingly building exposure to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. We empower these kinds of clients to diversify their portfolios to include Bitcoin and other coins through a range of regulated and direct exposure products.

Unfortunately, the UK lags behind in terms of crypto regulation. In order to provide the best and most secure solutions to our clients, we have partnered with a number of best-in-class digital asset management firms that are located in more progressive jurisdictions, including Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
Yield and Asset Management:
Passive and active digital asset strategies that ensure risk-adjusted returns on client capital.
Institutional-Grade Insured Custody:
The highest degree of security for digital assets. Multi-layer security protocols and insurance coverage.
Bitcoin and Digital Asset Trading:
Expert guidance for clients purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies or building exposure through other instruments.

Accept payments and automate your business

Businesses are quickly realizing the power of digital currencies for both B2B and B2C use cases. Companies all over the world already use crypto to carry out transactions with suppliers and accept payments. Now's your chance to bring the benefits of crypto to your company.

Beyond payments, blockchain technology can be used to automate business processes. This is your company's next step in its digital transformation. AlterCap stands ready to work with your team to build an effective digital payments and smart contracts strategy.
Strategise the next step in your company's digital transformation.

Gain an edge over your competitors with access to new suppliers and markets.

Receive individualised support for all matters relating to transactions, custody, and compliance.

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