Job openings

Marketing manager

AlterCap is a startup investment company, specialises in getting companies of all sizes started with cryptocurrency and digital assets. We are looking for a part-time or a freelance marketing manager with previous experience working with finance’ startups to lead the marketing activities. You will be responsible for leading and contributing to projects that drive revenue growth, deliver new leads and grow the database. 

Job mission:
⦁ to develop a sustainable way to top the funnel.

- to create a marketing plan for each quarter
- to have at least 4 posts per week on the company social channels – to lease with marketing advisors and copywriters
- to have a minimum of 10 new leads per working day
- to measure marketing activities and distribution channels, constantly checking on what works and finding new ways for improvement
- Hands-on database management and follow up strategy
- identify and prepare the events and conferences, support the team on the ground, lead the post events to follow-up activities (such as thank you cards, presents deliveries etc.)